About Us

THE GREAT ANDAMAN CO., LTD (TGA) is providing its customers with the best logistics support possible in the shipping industry including Myanmar, China, Japan and so on. Our customers are our motivation, and they have propelled us to achieve our goal in becoming one of the best logistics companies.

The need of our customers are our top priority. At (TGA) we focus on making sure that our clients cargoes are shipped successfully through our dedication, determination and delighting in our service.

To provide better services, our employees are constantly finding ways to improve our customer shipments and safeguard their cargo.

With our alliance, TGA has expended its services, shipping schedules, vessel information, and most importantly its logistics services.

These new improvement are all effort to provide our customers with expanded shipping capacity and range, although there are continuous new challenges and obstacles in the shipping industry. TGA is resolute in providing unparalleled service for our customers.

Our Mission & Vision

To be the leading service provider at shipping and logistics transport industry.
To be one of the best company who can perform Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Society and Environment’s benefits.


Born young generation with highly skill & efficiency at good attitude.
Always customer to be gain of effectiveness service and reasonable cost.
Analysis & transform the most appropriated management system accordance with market charges.

TGA is proud to be member of